Anna Jander – IT’S SOUL

Art Prize of the Lüneburgische Landschaftsverband

October 19 – December 22nd


“Without taking sides, Anna Jander, with her paintings, becomes a committed chronicler of the ambivalent dynamics of urban developments. She always puts her subjective vision into relation to the collective image memory and the media reality. With its own handwriting, the game with perspectives, blurring, intensities and uncertainties, the city landscape becomes at the same time the souls landscape – It’s Soul. “(B. v. Dziembowski)

Vita 1967 born in Lüneburg 1986 to 1990 studied at Braunschweig University of Applied Sciences 1997 – 2002 teaching activities: IFS International Film School Cologne, Animation School Hamburg, HFF Film and Television College Konrad Wolff in Babelsberg lives and works in Niederohe and Berlin.