Art Association & Foundation

The Springhornhof owes its supra-regional and international profile to the “Art-Landscape” project. Its task is the maintenance and expansion of the art installations in the landscape and the promotion of the development of contemporary art through changing exhibitions as well as artistic projects, publications and events. In this way, current trends of international contemporary art are accessible to the general public, as well as to a more specialized audience, and put to discussion. Thus the Springhornhof is a unique place for art production, cultural exchange and dialogue in rural areas.

In the middle of the sixties, the Bochum gallery owners Ruth and Wilm Falazik took the risk of trying out new ways of communicating with art outside of tradition. They moved into Springhornhof, a 17th century farmhouse in Neuenkirchen in Lüneburger Heide, transforming the stables into functional exhibition spaces. In addition to the changing exhibitions of contemporary artists, large thematic group exhibitions and artists’ symposia have been held here since the mid-1960s.

After the early death of Wilm Falazik in 1972, his wife Ruth continued the work with great personal commitment. Under her aegis the project KUNST-LANDSCHAFT took shape. Between 1974 and 1978, an annual symposium was held, during which artists from all over Europe came to work in and with the landscape. Since the beginning of the 80s, new single works have been added to the existing exterior work in a loose sequence.

In order to support the committed non-profit activities of the gallery, the Kunstverein Springhornhof e.V. was founded in 1980, which Ruth Falazik directed until her death in 1997. The Springhornhof Foundation, founded after her death, will continue her life work in the future.