International Village Shop

The “International Village Shop” of the artist group Myvillages, consisting of Kathrin Böhm (GB), Wapke Feenstra (NL) and Antje Schiffers (D), is social sculpture, network and distribution channel at the same time.

The little shop in the entrance area of Springhronhof offers existing local products, such as horse milk soap from Friesland or Brooms from Lower Saxony, as well as things that were developed by villagers around the world especially for the “International Village Shop”: Frogbutterspoons from Upper Franconia, Potato Sleepers from the Lüneburg Heath, Caravan Flowerpots from Northern Ireland, Farmers Porcelain from Spain or Fufu bowls from Ekumfi-Ekrafwo in Ghana.

The product range tells of local resources, international connections, regional cooperation, unexpected self-portrayals and shows us a wealth of ideas and knowledge of the countryside.