Stella Gilfert, Blas Isasi Gutiérrez, Dieter Kiessling, Mandy Krebs, Lucie Mercadal, Esra Oezen, Marko Schiefelbein, Corinna Editing, Kim Schoen, Helena Wittmann Curated by Corinna Schnitt

9 April – 12 June 1016

For the exhibition “Komma” the artist and Braunschweiger university lecturer Corinna has selected works by ten artists and former students who deal with phenomena of everyday life. The exhibition presents videos, photographs and sculptures, the visions of life drafts, observations of everyday life as well as memories of the past.

From the loose assignment of the works arise references, which allow the viewer to throw a new view on the own life-reality. What is the world around us? How do we wish the future? How is our present experience shaped by hopes and wishes for the future?

The exhibition title “Komma” is borrowed from grammar. The comma serves the comprehensibility, the structuring of a sentence and can essentially determine its meaning in terms of content. There is a rhythm and the speech melody. In the exhibition “Komma”, for example, the media shifts, gaps and imperfections are the ones that make the meanings of what is shown.

Corinna Schnitt (* 1964) has become acquainted with video installations and films that show the absurdities of social relationships and their media representation in concise, precisely observed productions. She is an artist, a university lecturer at the HbK Braunschweig and curator.

The “schnittraum”, founded in 1997 in Cologne, whose program of exhibitions was realized with a changing curatorial team, presented the latest film and video work, organized several weeks of series with lectures, performances and film screenings and was available to artists as a guest.