Location & Route

Follow the signs that say “der Nase nach” (follow your nose) and “hin & zurück” (back & forth) to navigate a 35km (21.7mi) long bicycle route to the landscape art around the village. Visitors are also welcome to explore trails in smaller sections on foot or by car.

A guide book with a current map, text, and pictures about the landscape art works and the numerous contributions to the ecology and cultural history of the region can be obtained for €8 at the main gallery of Springhornhof, the village’s tourist information center at the Schröers Hof, and several local stores. For a shipping fee of €2.50 we are happy to mail the guide book (inquire at info@springhornhof.de)

The GPS data for the bicycle route can be found here. The GPS data for a 9km (5.6mi) long hiking route from the village of Springel to the outdoor objects of Timm Ulrichs, Jean Clareboudt, Volker Lang and Mic Enneper can be found here.