Mark Dion – Springhornhof Institute of Palaeolithic Archeology (2009)

Mark Dion, Springhornhof Institute for Palaeolithic Archeology (2009)

Mark Dion, b. 1961, lives in Pennsylvania and New York, USA

The “Springhornhof Institute for Palaeolithic Archeology” is an interdisciplinary installation by the artist Mark Dion. The starting point is a collection of Stone Age finds discovered by the enthusiastic amateur archaeologist Wilm Falazik, who opened a gallery at the Springhornhof in the beginning of the sixties, in Neuenkirchen.

On three floors of the historic staircase, Dion installs prehistoric artifacts, archaeological handicrafts, finds, text fragments, and a diorama, together with shaggy mammoths, to an opulent overall staging of scientific principles, personal collection, artistic visions and stereotypes.

Mark Dion is concerned, in his over-arching space-based installations, with our dealings with nature and its representation in science and everyday life, as well as with the complex structures of a historiography created by objects.

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