Michael Asher – 53° 16’N 9° 57’O 52° 55’N 9° 8’O (2003)


Michael Asher, b. 1943 – died 2012, lived in Los Angeles / USA

Michael Asher is concerned with the water, electricity and gas supply network in and around Neuenkirchen. The set of technical plans and maps of the respective distribution and management systems can be studied at the Springhornhof or purchased as slipcase . A brochure explains all the special characters and symbols. It is about access to information, the circulation of energy and networks that lie “under” the surface of the landscape.

Michael Asher was one of the most influential conceptual artists in the United States. With “subtle but deliberate interventions – supplements, changes or subtractions – especially in and from environments” he investigated connections of artistic importance and the context of the museum.

Catalog:  OUTLOOK. Landscape-related art projects in the Lüneburg Heath. Rupprecht Matthies, Peter Pommerer, Anna Gudjonsdottir, Michael Asher, Job Koelewijn, Stefan Kern, Dragset & Elmgreen.  Text: by Raimar Stange, Ralf Christofori, Belinda Grace Gardner, Lorenzo Benedetti, Eva Linhart, Stefanie Sembill, Dirck Möllmann, Bettina v. Dziembowski, revolver- Archive for Contemporary Art, 2005. 66 pp. € 20 / Member 15

Asher took part in the Documenta 5 and 7, the Venice Biennale (1976) and the Skulptur.Projekten in Münster 1977, 1987, 1997 and 2007. He had important solo exhibitions at the Center Pompidou in Paris (1991), the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (2003), the Art Institute of Chicago (2005) and the Santa Monica Museum of Art (2008). In 2010 he received the highly endowed Bucksbaum Award of the Whitney Biennial.