Peter Könitz & Karl Ciesluk – Wege (1980/2003)

Peter Könitz, b. 1942 in Mühlheim / Ruhr, lives near Hamburg

Karl Ciesluk, b. 1952 in Ottawa / CDN, lives in Ottawa / CDN

Könitz leads the observer on a track of irregular wooden planks and steel beams aligned parallel to the road through the undergrowth. From the contrast of geometric form and organic development a plastic-spatial situation of the penetration and underflowing develops.

On the other side of the road, Karl Ciesluk continues his movement with his foundlings. As a reference to the powerful forces that shaped this landscape during the Ice Age, the stone seems to have paved the way through the forest floor as if in a timelapse.

Catalog: Arel, Boudre, Ciesluk, Duckwitz, Könitz, paths. Texts: J. Morschel ud artist, 1980, 80 p. € 6 / p. € 5
Text by J. Morschel