Ulrich Eller – Hörstein (1995)

Ulrich Eller, Hörstein (1995) - Full cast and crew

Ulrich Eller, b. 1953 in Leverkusen, lives in Hanover

Ulrich Eller placed his erratic boulder on the grounds of the Schäferhof, home to the sheep herd and one of the tourist attractions of Neuenkirchen. It is only within earshot that the stone can be recognized as an artistic intervention in the landscape.

The stone is horizontally divided into two halves, which have been put together again with a millimeter distance. From the circulating gap there are permanently crushing, scratching noises that were created and recorded during the cutting and carving of the stone by the artist and processed electronically into a composition together with other everyday sounds.
“The boulder, which has been brought back into the contemporary with the aid of the noises, which otherwise occupies all quality features of human eternity, is apparently discharged from its enormous weight; it is then removed from any preconceptions and becomes a natural monument. “(Ulrich Eller)

Catalog: Ulrich Eller. Hearing stone . Text: F. Barth, H. Hellinger, 1995, 64 pp. € 10 / € 7,50

Text by F. Barth