Elmgreen & Dragset – Park for Unwanted Sculptures (2003)



Ingar Dragset b. 1969 in Trondheim / N, lives in Berlin
Michael Elmgreen b. 1961 in Copenhagen / DK, lives in Berlin

In the middle of the village of Tewel, the artist pair Elmgreen & Dragset creates a space for exterior sculptures in which the current decision-making and evaluation criteria about art in the public sphere are suspended. Artists and owners of exterior sculptures, which for a variety of reasons have no suitable location or storage space, can contribute to the “park for unwanted sculptures”. The most recent entrance is a floor sculpture “Fathers Garden” by the American conceptual artist Vito Acconci from the Swiss UBS Art Collection.

Catalog:  OUTLOOK. Landscape-related art projects in the Lüneburg Heath. Rupprecht Matthies, Peter Pommerer, Anna Gudjonsdottir, Michael Asher, Job Koelewijn, Stefan Kern, Elmgreen & Dragset.  Text: by Raimar Stange, Ralf Christofori, Belinda Grace Gardner, Lorenzo Benedetti, Eva Linhart, Stefanie Sembill, Dirck Möllmann, Bettina v. Dziembowski, revolver- Archive for Contemporary Art, 2005. 66 pp. € 20 / Member 15