Jean Clareboudt – Windberg (1981)

Jean Clareboudt, Windberg 1981Jean Clareboudt, b. 1944 in Lyon / France, died in 1997

“Windberg” has always been the name of the end moraine between the villages of Ilhorn and Sprengel. In the flat area there the entire landscape was visible.
Jean Clareboudt occupies the space at its highest point with a circular formation of ​​boulders. In the middle is a huge ring disk made of rusted steel, placed slightly obliquely on three larger boulders. The formal language and materiality of the installation suggest an observatory, protective shield, sacrificial table or cult space.
” Despite its monumentality, the work does not act as a foreign object but offers resonance with pre-existing aspects of the exposed site. The color and effect of stone and metal change under the influence of day and seasons. Climbing over the boulders leads to a cave-like space under the ring disk. Light falls through the opening. Rain and hail rattle on the metal; The wind whistles over it.

Catalog: Jean Clareboudt, Windberg. Texts: PM Bode, GG Lemaire, J. Clareboudt, 1981, 40 pp. € 6 / € 5

Text by PM Bode