Valerij Bugrov – Himmel und Erde (1991/2000)

130_3Valerij Bugrov,
b. 1949 in Moscow, lives in St. Petersburg

This immaculate circular mirror has a diameter of 16 meters, “sky and earth” lie in the middle of the fields and a shoulder-width accessible walk-in slit leads slightly to the center of the reflecting surface. Viewers standing in the ground, looking across the field into the vastness, experience the interplay between the real sky and the mirrored heavenly image. Gleaming light, passing clouds and crackling rain produce a constant change to the appearance of the mirror.
The observer experiences themselves and their own reflection in an abrasive situation in which the familiar delimitations of air and earth, up and down, stability and weightlessness, materiality and immateriality become questionable.

Text by D. Wittkuhn

Catalog: Valerij Bugrov. Himmel und Erde . Text: D. Wittkuhn, 1991 (2nd ed. 2000), 56 pp. € 10 / € 7,50