Claus Bury – Der Augenblick (1989/2001)

Neuenkirchen60Claus Bury,
b. 1946 in Gelnhausen, lives in Frankfurt

On the edge of a small pond near the village, Claus Bury built a walk-through and walkable architectural sculpture – half house, half tower – from rough planks. Where the building looks compact and clearly arranged from the outside, it proves to be a complex structure once entered. Opposite outer staircases lead up from the sides to an interior with high, oblique walls and without roof.
From the upper room there is no way to gain a comfortable view over the pond and the landscape. It is only from the narrow uppermost section of two side stairs that one can see the parapet. The steps invite you to sit and stay inside the tower. Here a place of calmness and contemplation emerges, in which the view is directed inward.

Catalog: Claus Bury. Der Augenblick. Text: U. Wieczorek, 1989, 72 p. € 10 / € 7,50

Text by U. Wieczorek